XEMX (Xtreme Electric Motocross) has been designing, developing, testing and racing electric MX bikes for more than half a decade.

Our primary design objective has always been to create an electric dirtbike which:

  • Retained the ergonomics of current ICE (internal combustion engine) dirtbikes
  • Reduced noise emissions
  • Provided power comparable to ICE counterparts
  • Had a ride time that was superior to previous generations of electric bikes

We believe we have now reached—and in many ways, surpassed—our original design goals. The result is what you see today. A quiet, powerful, and familiarly comfortable ride, with the option to keep riding as long as you'd like by simply swapping your battery.

But don't take our word for it just yet. Keep reading and see for yourself.

Rapid-Swap Batteries

Our proprietary rapid-swap
battery system allows riders an industry-leading ride time.

Race without limits—moto's, enduro's, or hair scrambles. You can ride all day on an XEMX powered bike.

XEMX's proprietary rapid-swap battery system
The XE4 Model Liquid Cooled Axial Flux Motor made by XEMX
XE4 Motor

The XE4 is a liquid-cooled axial flux motor developed by XEMX.

The XE4 is the magic sauce responsible for the unique feel to the power delivery of an XEMX dirtbike—feeling most similar to that of today's standard ICE MX dirtbikes.

With its instant torque and a fully programmable controller, you can create nearly any riding experience you want. Pro and beginner riders can get on an XEMX dirtbike and ride without enduring the tedious learning curve of an ICE MX dirtbike.

Full Conversion
In One Day

We have designed our electric dirtbike conversion kit to be as close to 'plug-and-play' as possible, taking less than a day to install from start to finish.

A person with average mechanical skills can follow our step-by-step video tutorial to transform their current ICE dirtbike to an XEMX powered dirtbike in as little as 4 hours.

Receive the kit, install it, and ride—all in the same day.

plans for
the future

XEMX has some exciting things on the horizon—with developing changes in battery technology, new axial flux motor designs, and plans for a XEMX production bike, we believe we can make XEMX the go-to bike for all riders.

So follow along, grab a kit, and come ride with us into the future!

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